'Talk to the Hand' Laser Tag House Rules:

Talk to the Hand reserves the right to eliminate a person from playing the game if any of the below rules and instructor instructions are not followed.

  • No physical contact. Players will not make any physical contact with other players or their equipment or engage in behaviors that could cause injury to another person. Players may not position themselves so as to block or hinder another player’s progress.
  • Players may not climb on any wall or other part of the arena. Players are also not allowed to run inside the arena. No person under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed.
  • Language. Players will not use foul, rude or threatening language at any time. All older players should be respectful of younger children that may also be playing.
  • Equipment. Players will handle with care the laser tag equipment and gear. Any damage to the equipment due could result in you being responsible for the damages.
  • Targets. Players may not use any part of their body, hair, clothing, equipment or any other objects to cover their own targets, or targets of other players.
  • At the end of a game, all players need to stop play and exit the laser tag arena at the designated exit. All equipment must be returned to the vesting area.
  • The laser tag play area is monitored via video surveillance.

Laser tag is a game that involves physical activity. All players are responsible for their own actions. All players understand and acknowledge that participating in laser tag involves certain risks and the possibility of injury. All play is at your own risk.

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